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Living a healthy lifestyle does mean hours of training at the gym and eating only salad leaves. It’s about making easy-to-manage healthy choices in your day-to-day living. We are giving more tips and information about healthy life.

10 Reasons You Should Never Start A Yoga Practice

You know, we yoga fanatics tout the benefits of yoga like it is going out of style. For most of us, it is because yoga has so profoundly changed our lives that we want to shout about it from the rooftops.

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10 Awesome Yoga Poses For Men

Dudes, this one’s for you. Yoga is not just for women. You Y-chromosome carriers can reap some huge rewards by getting on a yoga mat and getting your body moving. In fact, men may benefit even more from certain yoga postures than women, thanks to the larger and tighter muscles men generally boast.

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How Not to Fall Asleep When Meditating

Meditation is one of the most accessible ways to give yourself a whole host of health benefits. It calms your mind, gives you more clarity, decreases anxiety, and improves concentration. On a physical level meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and increases the serotonin production, which improves your mood. And the list goes on.

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5 Health Benefits of Legs Up the Wall Posture

I love Legs Up the Wall. This posture is one of the most nourishing, grounding and calming poses I can think of, and I have turned to it many times in my own life when I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, or stressed. What is it?

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The Ultimate Workout Plan For Women Over 30

Our bodies and metabolism change as we age and sometimes that means we have to change our physical activity levels too. When you are over 30, it becomes even more important to incorporate strength training and cardio into your life, losing bone and muscle mass can spell disaster down the road!

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3 ways to stay consistent with your workouts

Our intentions are always pure. We mean to train hard and eat healthy. But a mindset that’s either too aggressive or unrealistic can railroad your progress. Here are three of the most common mental mistakes I see, along with the best solution for each.

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7 Fabulous Yoga Poses to Increase Your Libido

Yoga is amazing. It helps you find balance in your world, physically, mentally, and emotionally. By teaching us to embrace each moment and live life one breath at a time, yoga lets us better connect with ourselves and our partner—spiritually, physically, and yes, even sexually.

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8 methods for more muscle mass and strength

Incorporate any of the following techniques into your workout regimen with virtually any exercise you perform—but only for four weeks at a time. Since each is so effective, you'll be tempted to stick with the first one you try. Don't.

Instead, trade one method for another every four weeks.

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5 Tips to Make Your Work Days Less Stressful

None of us are immune to the daily stresses of work life, but thankfully there are quite a few practical life hacks that can help you navigate each weekday like a pro. These tips are science-based and proven to work.

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